What is UpLook?

This is a weekly portal for thoughts about the world of international development (ID) from someone who is at the very start of their (hopefully lifelong) career.

I will be sharing resources for people in similar positions (as and when I find them), showcasing some of the work that I’m up to as well as giving more general thoughts on  ID as and when I think them.

Who is writing? 

My name is Rowan Emslie, I’m 21 and come from a very suburban outskirt of London.

In 2008, more or less on a whim, I found myself volunteering for a charity in Uganda immediately after leaving school – I knew I didn’t want to go straight to university and I knew I was generally sympathetic to charitable causes but that was about it. Initially I (and my school friend who embarked on a similar journey) was meant to stay for 6 months but around 3 months in the country had gotten its hooks into me and I ended up staying almost 11 months.

After 6 months I realised that the third sector was something that I actually wanted to do for a job. I made a few hasty arrangements to change my degree (from English Literature to Social Sciences) and my university (from Bristol to Bath) and realised that, out of the blue, I’d gone and found myself a calling.


Vent Below

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