The Beginning Of The End Of Aids

Only a quick post for today as I am crazy busy with event planning at the moment.

Today is World Aids Day. You’ve probably already seen a hundred news stories and blog posts on it, each one telling you some terrible/hopeful (dependant, largely, on the politics of the publication) story about HIV positive people. What you are quite unlikely to have seen is any way for you to easily get involved in the effort to bring about the end of AIDS. At best, you might have been asked to donate to a AIDS related charity – if you did/can then I applaud you but if you’re a lowly intern or unemployed do-gooder you might find it a little difficult. I feel your pain and I have an alternative, aren’t I super nice?

The 2015 Quilt

This World AIDS Day, 1st Dec, ONE is launching a digital “quilt”. This digital quilt will be made of graphic
images and pledges created by people all over the world to help bring about the beginning of the end of
AIDS. Anyone can create a panel in as little as 30 seconds, or spend longer adding their personal touch.

This is an updated version of the AIDS Memory Quilt which some of you might know about. What’s nice about this one is that not only does it create a visual message of how AIDS affects people and how they deal with and overcome it but, now that it is online, it is much easier to contribute to – you can do it right now on another tab. Go on!

See my patch here.

The photo is taken from a visit I made to Luzira Prison in Kampala in 2010. The inmate on my left was the head of the Prisoners with AIDS group (self started), a singer, a teacher and a very inspiring man. He had had a violent past but had turned himself around on death row where he remains to this day.

Do you want to know more?


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