Reason No. 2894 To Love Twitter

On the 20th of December I had a very interesting online discussion with Calestous Juma, Professor at Harvard, who focuses on ‘the role of science, technology, engineering and innovation in sustainable development’.

A couple of days before, Mr Juma had sent a tweet that quoted a news story (below) in which a bullish Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda (sometimes referred to as ‘M7’), dismissed the issue of human rights abuses (in this case, more specifically focused on homosexual rights) in favour of focusing on infrastructure development:

“Before anyone gives me a lecture about homosexuals and their rights, first talk about railways.”

My immediate reaction was that this was a cynical attempt to get people to ignore an unpopular issue that Museveni doesn’t want to have to backdown on because of donor pressure. His apparent focus on the development of infrastructure struck me as particularly false. Being a social media evangelist and relentless self amplifier, I posted a response:

Much to my surprise (and delight), the eminent professor replied. At this point, we started to have a very interesting discussion of which I have built a Storify as I had seen this article in The Guardian that made me think I could embed it into a post. Having attempted to make it work, giving up, and then Googling I discovered that I could not embed this long, arduously constructed page of content. WordPress does not allow such things for security reasons.
Unfortunately I’m going to have to ask you to click on a link to go somewhere else, sorry about that. It also means that this post is rather short. Again, sorry.

See the rest here.


2 thoughts on “Reason No. 2894 To Love Twitter

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