The Best Thing About Christmas

Commuting is absolutely my least favourite aspect of being an intern – I’m living in my family home, in deepest suburbia, because I can’t afford to rent a place of my own closer to the area of London where my office is. As such, I have to endure one bus, one train and two tube (the much maligned London Underground, known as the subway in US or the metro in France) journeys to get to work. It’s long, it’s boring,  it’s overcrowded, it’s too cold or too hot, and every mode of transport seems to get delayed as soon as you try to use it.

The Christmas break gives me a terrific opportunity to avoid this daily grind, for which I am extremely grateful. In the last 5 months, I have spent 11 days of my life commuting. By the end of my one year contract, if I keep up how often I go into work (5 times a week) I will have spent a further 20 days on planes, trains and automobiles. That’s almost 32 days. An entire month commuting, face to armpit, in the joyous bowels of the greater metropolitan area of London. Oh joy.Thankfully, I’m off until the 3rd of January so I don’t have to even think about how to surreptitiously do the Metro (it’s a free paper you get on public transport in the UK – it’s awful) sudoku/crossword page on someone’s back for another whole week.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and go on to have a not disappointing New Year’s Eve.


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