Shameless Plugs

This is a two part update drawing your attention to some of the sources that I steal from often use as inspiration while writing my own posts.

Part 1

As well as keeping up to date on current affairs from all the usual places, there’s an extensive development blogosphere that I read and repost almost every day. A lot of these things can be extremely academic and excessively jargon-ised – it’s the curse of the industry – and, as such, are things I can’t get excited about. For the entry level development wannabe, what you really want is a way of engaging in the interesting debates of the industry through the narratives of the people involved.

Cast your eyes to the right of your screens (unless you’re reading this on a crackberry/other inferior web-ready mobile device, in which case I feel your pain) and you will see, nestled under the schedule, some newly minted lists.

  • Proper Development Blogs – Development blogs run by people who a) know what they’re talking about and b) try their best not to bore us ‘norms’. Several of these are well known and you’ll see them linked to on lots of development sites. As a natural contrarian, I really wanted not to like them so the inclusion of them here indicates how good they are.
  • Friends & Allies – Blogs and websites run by people I know, either over the interwebs or in actual real life. I occasionally contribute pieces to some of these.
  • Jobs – Places to look for development jobs and advice on how to get them
  • Miscellany – There is a world outside of development and politics. (Sometimes, it will feel like there isn’t.) I have increasingly become more and more interested in things like design and fonts – playing around with WordPress default settings will do that. These links are my distractions.

I will update this lists as and when I find more interesting links or if one of them goes under or becomes less than excellent.

Special mention goes to AidSource, which brings me to Part 2 of this post…

AidSource launches today!

The more awake of you will have noticed a shiny new badge has been added to my sidebar – yes, I know it isn’t the right width but I haven’t had a chance to make a new one yet. AidSource is here, it is open and it is free. I’ve been mentioning it my last few posts because it’s been a thoroughly useful source for interesting questions and answers surround the world or development. Seriously, if you want to know about development and those long lists on my sidebar seem like far too much reading/work, choose AidSource to be the way you dip your toe.

Sign up here

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