From Poverty To Power – in Bath

From Poverty To Power – in Bath

Via Flickr

Duncan Green – Oxfam strategic advisor and writer of the much read/linked/argued about FP2P blog – is coming to the University of Bath (where I study) very soon.

Date: Monday 4th of March.

Time: 18.15-20.05

Place: Lecture Theatre 5 West 2.3 (University of Bath campus)

Cost: Free!

I cannot make it as I will be in a meeting and then on air but I implore all the development types in the area to make it down there. Not only is FP2P an excellent discussion hub online but several Bath academics have contributed to the arguments on there – particularly those focused on the ‘evidence agenda‘ in aid and development.You never know, you might get to watch an  argument.

Also, there’s a wine reception afterwards. Everyone knows that wine + networking = a hilarious series of misadventures you can tell people about later. So go!

NB: The link to the event is in the title


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