Development Intern

I started this blog back in 2011 as an outlet for what I was learning/getting frustrated with in my first full time NGO job. There is a huge amount to take in and, as a lowly intern, you end up doing a lot of jobs that nobody else wants to do. As a result of this combination, starting a career in development can be at times boring and lonely as well as confusing. Spewing out my thoughts onto the internet helped me deal with that.

Now I’m (hopefully) a little further in my career I’d like to provide a similar platform for other interns and new development workers.

I have created a new website for this called Development Intern. It will feature a small group of core writers, talented young people looking to get into the development world. Click here to read About it and here if you are interested in submitting your work.

I will no longer be updating on UpLook as I’ll be acting as editor for Development Intern and generally managing the site. In time, I will establish a new blog for my own thoughts. Until then, I will be blogging bits and pieces as a guest contributor whenever somebody else fancies publishing my articles.

Thanks to everyone who read this blog, it really was a great help to me. Please check out Development Intern.

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