Reblog | The Stream – African aid: helpful or hazardous?

I found this via the ‘International Aid and Development’ Scoop.It of Kekeli. It’s quite a long video but worth having a watch.

We look at the structure of foreign aid to Africa and why some believe it does more harm than good.

Re-blog: Selling Old Newspapers Shouldn’t Be Profitable – Invisible Children & Kony 2012

Excellent take on some of the big issues surrounding Invisible Children, particularly relevant with the recent release of KONY 2012.

Here are some good responses from activists, journalists and generally interesting thinkers on Twitter:!/tmsruge/status/177365430934061056!/RosebellK/status/177368944296996865!/Comrade_Otoa/status/177369191547015168

Why has Facebook decided to block links to this ‘Visible Children’ campaign? Have Invisible Children filed a complaint?!/RowanEmslie/status/177356860280684544

I suggest that everyone let @facebook know that calling the anti KONY 2012 campaign spam is complete shenanigans.

Traveling While Black: In Search of the Intersection between Dignity and Development

If someone on the street was selling you an old newspaper, would you buy it?  Okay, let’s move to the 21st century:  if your iPad was only downloading podcasts from six years ago, would you continue your subscription?

In 2006 Invisible Children began its campaigns to educate Western audiences via media and marketing about the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony and the LRA. What resulted is millions of dollars in advertising, action kits, and attention intended to benefit the children of northern Uganda. In their latest flick, Kony 2012, Invisible Children continues to sell the stories of night commuters and the overwhelming fear and agony of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) as the “real story” of northern Uganda, invoking Western audiences (both rich and rich) to make an effective impact by tweeting the video to their friends, holding Gulu Walks, and raising awareness.

In 2008 I received a university…

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Re-blog: “Intellectual African Scum”

Just read this and felt the need to re-blog.

It’s a  response to the post ‘You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum’ by the often hilarious Ugandan writer Ernest Bazanye. I don’t need to do more to introduce it, go and read it on Vuga.

Intellectual African Scum

I particularly liked the closing paragraph and this line:

…everything that happens in Africa is happening or has happened somewhere else.

Can we start stencilling that on walls please?